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The Tiling Company who makes your Dream come true and take responsibility for 12 Years

We provide a quality tiling service that will last a lifetime. J v Tiling Ltd are experienced, offer the highest quality workmanship and focussed on Project/Client Satisfaction.

Operating in and around Hertfordshire, We provide services such as Underfloor Heating, Tile Removal from Floors and Walls, Floor Levelling, Stone Cladding, Tiling indoor, outdoor.

Stone Cladding

Welcome to J v Tiling Ltd , But we are so much more than just a tiling company! We are Room Transformation Artists!

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We take pride in our work and strive for perfection from inception to completion. Get 12 YEARS warranty with us

J v Tiling Ltd

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We are so confined we will deliver quality work for you your Tiling Project that we will offer a guarantee that ensures we shoulder all the risk.